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Soligor Group is constructed by companies and divisions. The group operates in the global market in a variety of fields, among them; Defense, Cyber Solutions, Telecommunications, Photonics, Renewable Energy, Biotech, and Meditech, Fintech and investments.

Soligor Group collaborates with dozens of companies promoting and leading cooperation with a synergy between the parties in the group.
We initialize the integration of Turnkey Projects, Distribution, and Representation of companies around the world.

We develop products and provides engineering services for various projects, engaged in business entrepreneurship and promoting business partnerships between companies in the global market.  Leading technological companies for OEM and M&A through our vast network of connections which were developed during the past three decades with several of the global Fortune 500 Companies, as well we are funding technology companies in various segments for equity.

Soligor Global
In charge of global business operation i.e.- M&A, investments, development of global operations for cutting edge Israeli technology companies as well as distribution channels for development. Soligor Global is based in Israel and operates branches in USA, UK, Germany and S. Korea.

Soligor HLS & Defense
Offers the defense and Homeland Security industry a gateway to international market by providing a full turnkey business development, marketing sales services.


Providing worldwide payment processes. Serving the eCommerce online and offline merchants, offer a complete turn-key solution, and act as a one-stop-shop for merchants and independent sales organizations. 

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