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Based on our global network established over the last three decades with successful international business, Soligor connects technology companies with investors, fortune 500 companies, OEM partners, and strategic distribution networks in order to achieve global business synergy for parties involved. We'll network companies through to high-return business opportunities. 
Soligor's services include strategic consulting, entering new markets, developing global distribution channels, and securing venture funding. Our expertise, experience, and global connections will help you take your business further, faster.
Capitalizing on the latest trends and innovative technologies, Soligor provides performance-based consulting and distribution services to new, cutting-edge technologies in various markets and from different backgrounds.
For over 30 years, our team has offered world-class expertise and guidance in support of international business expansion. Whether identifying new markets, opening distribution channels, locating investors, forging strategic alliances, executing mergers and acquisitions, providing global business synergy for companies worldwide.


Global Distribution
Soligor assists manufacturers in expanding their global distribution networks.
We have developed a pre-qualified exclusive database of distributors that promote and sell products for a vast array of vertical sectors in more than 40 countries around the world. Our contacts have been screened and verified through over 3 decades of successful global commerce.
Soligor provides clients with a cost-effective advantage in upgrading market presence and positioning. We’ll match you to high-performance distribution channels that will significantly increase your market penetration and revenue in targeted territories.
Soligor's services are performance-based and are provided in complete confidence. Our business model for distribution is based on a success fee


Strategic Business Consulting
Soligor leverages its broad technologies experience to provide expert advice that facilitates rapid growth. Total commitment to client goals and objectives is maintained on the way to faster time to market, deeper market penetration, and enhanced profitability.
Our team offers performance-based consulting founded on first-hand success in marketing, sales, partnerships, and joint ventures. Our expertise encompasses strategic thinking, business planning, and critical decision making. We create a focused environment that facilitates swift business expansion.
Soligor provides ongoing support and guidance to clients at any stage of the business cycle, from business plans to presentations to negotiations and agreements. Our proven methodology enables clients to focus on areas that are essential to their success and achieve meaningful results quickly.


Venture Funding
Soligor's Global Venture service helps cutting-edge technology companies match their financing requirements with appropriate capital resources.
Our deep expertise and contacts allow growth companies to secure funding for strategic needs at any point in their lifecycle. Our funding resources include an exclusive global network of established investment institutions and high net-worth individuals.
The Soligor team conducts in-depth background research and presents suitable investor profiles to our clients. We assist with risk assessment, investor presentations, and due diligence activities. Our ongoing support enables clients to acquire funding and make well-informed investment decisions. Soligor is also invested in several ventures and is open to new offers at any time.

Payment Acquiring & Processing - Fintech

​Providing worldwide payment processes and money transfer services.
Serving the eCommerce online and offline merchants, offer a complete turn-key solution and act as a one-stop-shop for merchants and independent sales organizations.

Providing a wide range of acquiring solutions to a diverse range of online merchants worldwide for Low to High-Risk.

Maximizing business growth and optimize operational processes. Payment processing and acquiring bank services under one roof, supported by the latest technologies and customer services. Credit/Debit Cards, Local Cards, eWallets, Mobile Payment,  ATM, and selection of alternative payments. 

Artificial Intelligence - Fintech

Driven online Automated Robot for trading strategies and bots. Modular and holistic investment methodology, Profiting on Volatility – both up & down trends and Algorithmic order. SAAS platform with a yearly subscription and a revenue share.

Running on Crypto Currencies and FOREX market global decentralized or over-the-counter (OTC).

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