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Soligor Group is constructed by companies and divisions. The group operates in the global market in a variety of fields, among them; Defense, Cyber Solutions, Telecommunications, Photonics, Renewable Energy, Biotech, and Meditech, Fintech and investments.

Soligor Group collaborates with dozens of companies promoting and leading cooperation with a synergy between the parties in the group.
We initialize the integration of Turnkey Projects, Distribution, and Representation of companies around the world.

We develop products and provides engineering services for various projects, engaged in business entrepreneurship and promoting business partnerships between companies in the global market.  Leading technological companies for OEM and M&A through our vast network of connections which were developed during the past three decades with several of the global Fortune 500 Companies, as well we are funding technology companies in various segments for equity.

Soligor Global

A division of Soligor Group in charge of global business operations such as Mergers & Acquisitions, investments, development of global operations for cutting edge technology companies as well as distribution channels development, commodities trade, and OEM partnerships.

Soligor Security

Represents, distributes and markets local and international companies in the Defence, Security technologies and Cyber solutions.  Among the solutions are Defense and Security Platforms, Cyber Security, Homeland Security, and government solutions.

As well as involved in the management of global borders and Perimeters security projects, Oil-Pipes, Air and Sea-Port security projects in different parts of the world. We provide Operational, Technological, Integration, and Support.

We provide solutions related to greatest crime, terror, security and public safety challenges facing the world today,  Globalization, Open skies, Open borders, Open communication, Human rights, Urban complex environment, Mixed Populations, Intelligence, Safe and Smart Cities, Critical Assets, Airports and Seaports Security, Borders, Training & Simulation ,Unattended ground Sensors - Through-wall imaging, Under-water sensors and more.


Soligor Distribution

Representatives and distributors of global companies in the field of Telecommunications, Defence and Security Platforms, Multimedia, IT and Cyber software.


Soligor Photonics

A leading representative, distributor, R&D solutions, services and support provider in the field of fiber optics and photonics. The company represents and distributes worldwide vendors and provides the highest quality of fiber optics, electro-optics, and electronic products and services.


Providing worldwide payment processes and money transfer services. Serving the eCommerce online and offline merchants, offer a complete turn-key solution and act as a one-stop-shop for merchants and independent sales organizations.

Our Clients

Capitalizing on the latest trends and innovative technologies, and its pre-qualified exclusive database of distributors that promote and sell products for a vast array of vertical sectors in more than 30 countries around the world - Soligor distributes, markets, promotes solutions and services based on cutting-edge technologies in various markets.

Soligor’s clients consist of local and international System Companies, Start-Ups, Telco’s, Cellular Operators, CATV providers, Financial Intrusions, Retailers, Defense, and Government entities and more.

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