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Intruder Detection Systems -> 360° Short-Range Ground Surveillance Radar


A 360° coverage which translates to an area of up to 380,000m2(>95acres), continuous coverage that’s equal to 27 thermal cameras running video analytics and can give detection from both sides of the protected perimeter or seal a complete sector.


An optimal perimeter protection solution for rural areas with its <2W power consumption and extremely low bit rate it’s suitable for wireless and solar panel installation in areas with no existing infrastructure.



  • Detection range: 200m human targets, 350m vehicles

  • Azimuth coverage: 360° Azimuth Coverage

  • Elevation coverage: 60°

  • Range accuracy: 0.2m

  • Azimuth accuracy: 1°

  • Power: 9V-24V DC; 1W

  • Sensor type: High resolution digital multi-beam radar.

  • Frequency: 2.4GHz Unlicensed band. Emitted power less than 100mW.

  • Target detection speed: < 0.1 m/s – 30m/s

  • System interface: Ethernet-IP

  • Dimensions: Diameter – 40cm; Height – 25cm

  • Weight: 5Kg

  • Environmental: Full outdoor functionality – IP66.

  • Output: Full movement track of target via Ethernet.



  • Wide area continuous coverage

  • Better cost effectiveness than any other perimeter detection solution

  • Extreme power efficiency – requires minimum infrastructure

  • Easy installation due to low weight and wide elevation coverage – no fine tuning needed

  • Staring radars- No moving parts dictates high reliability

  • Excellent range resolution – 1.8m

  • Easily integrated with Day\Night PTZ cameras for auto camera cuing

  • Quickly and seamlessly integrated with existing VMS, PSIM and C4I systems

  • Can also be monitored from Magos’ MASS control software for easy multi sensor integration.

  • Cutting edge radar technology- Digital Beam Forming, etc.

  • Tracker is built in the radar thus requiring extremely low bandwidth and allows for wireless communication

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