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JAMMERS  ->  HORIZON Anti-Drone Jamming system


The Need
System that can detect early as possible a drone

activity in zone of interest. Block and stop drones from

flying into to a zone of interest.

Stop operation action of drone even if it succeeded to

get into zone of interest. Detect if possible the source

and the location of the drone operator.
Create deterrence against drone threats.


Key Features
The system able to detect, to track and to intercept small

civil drones (such as the DJI Phantom 3).
Effective coverage up to 2km (6,000 ft.)
Jammer use directional high gain antenna with tilt and 360° rotation.
High sensitive aerial RF Doppler radar (static) can detect small drone (the system can be integrated with different types of radars).
Jamming power 50W.
Electro-Optic system with advance tracking analytics and  laser pointing and dazzling capabilities.
All weather outdoor resistance.


Command & Control Software
Visualization of jamming operation on GIS map.
Visualization of the drone location GIS map (can be assign with different types of radars).
Ability to control up to 100 jammers from a control room.
Remote operation mode by an authorized user - optional.
Automatic operation failure indication.
Tracking and recording of drone route 


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