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JAMMERS  ->  Portable Cellular Jammer - MS-404P 25-50W


The main Objective of the MC-W System is to jam cellular phones communication in a meeting room, classroom or any small confined parameter. 

  • Up to 50 Watts per band

  • Up to 5 Bands

  • Blocks all Cellular and SMS communication.

  • Various modulation types jamming capabilities.

  • Wide frequency coverage (800-2200)MHz

  • Easy, intuitive operation.

  • VSWR & Thermal protection

  • Overheat protection: 75c cease operation, 71c resume operation

  • Antennas: 2 directional antennas.

  • Power consumption: 90 – 260V.

  • Internal Power Supply

  • Weight: approx. 8kg.

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