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Forest Fires Detection


A terrestrial, digital, remote surveillance system which is capable of observing larger wooded regions, and to analyse, evaluate, link and store the collective data.


Due to its sensitivity, accuracy and reliability the system enables an early recognition of forest fires.

Able to evaluate and classify the incoming data in multiple ways, connected to a central station. In the event of a recognized source of fire, it automatically sends out an alarm.

The system:

OSS - Optical Sensor System

Each OSS rotates 360° within 4 to 10 minutes in

10° steps

Data transfer

The OSS at the tower site has a wireless connection

to the office computer.

Central Office

The forest workers are provided with a workspace

(computer, two monitors and a printer).

  • Tower-based automated & reliable early recognition of forest fire.

  • Automated detection of smoke clouds by day and night.

  • Local online data processing with broadband radio or cable transmission.

  • Fast supervision of an area of more then 70,000 hectares by one sensor.

  • High image quality from the beginning of the image pickup right up to the control station's computer.

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