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JAMMERS  ->  Military Vehicular Mounted Wide RF Band High Power Jammer - MS-2200 MVRF


The main Objective of the MS-2200.MVRF Vehicle Jammer is to blocking RF communication such as VHF/UHF cellular & Satellite.

The MS-2200.MVRF Jamming System is used by Military, VIP protection and Law enforcement units looking to protect against remote controlled improvised explosive device. It operates as a vehicle mounted modular radio signal jamming system.


This design is used for defensive jamming of radio controlled improvised explosive devices or RCIEDs used as weapons by terrorists, assassins, and criminals within a limited area of coverage.


Anti IED, Convoy Protection, Anti-Riot, Anti cellular interception, VIP Protection.


Key Features:


  • Modular Vehicle Mounted Jammers System

  • Blocking VHF, UHF communication

  • Blocking All cellular communication

  • Blocking all Satellite communication

  • Ultra Wide frequency coverage (20-6000) MHz

  • Various modulation types jamming capability

  • Easy Intuitive Operation

  • VSWR & Thermal protection

  • Overheat protection: 75˚c cut-off operation, 71˚c resume of operation

  • Antennas: separate mounted antennas

  • Power Consumption 22-33A at 24VDC (Depends on number of Modules)

  • Optional: up convertor 12 to 26 Volt

  • Weight: approx.90Kg

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