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Video Analytics


We expect to do things that others believe are impossible. Take the ability to cope with crowds. Coping with crowds has always been the most difficult challenge in Video Analytics. Lots of companies say they can do Object Detection or Counting or whatever. They never mention that they can only do it in an empty scene. When we first started we recognized that we had to solve these difficult problems for our systems to be useful. This is why today only our products can do Object Detection or Graffiti Detection or Counting or Face Recognition and a host of other types of behavior analysis IN A CROWDED SCENE. Only our products can See through the Crowd. Most of these capabilities are patented ensuring a long window of opportunity.

30+ Comprehensive Industry Solutions


Airport ♦ Bank ♦ Car park ♦ Casino ♦ Event ♦ Hospitality ♦ Hospital ♦ Landmarks ♦ Museums ♦ Oil&Gas ♦ Police ♦ Port ♦ Prison ♦ Railway ♦ Road & Traffic ♦ School ♦ Smarll Enterpise ♦ Smart City ♦ Utility

Counting in a Crowd

Facial recognition

Detect objects left in crowded or busy areas

Detect Parking Violations

Detect objects removed from crowded or busy areas

Slip & Fall Detection

License plate recognition

Perimeter Protection & Intruder Detection

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